During COVID19, we are running the Timor Awakening program on the Gold Coast. We have run three successful programs thus far with the next program in August 2021. See the full report below from the most recent program. 

Pending Government directions for travel and COVID19, we are hoping to return to Timor-Leste as soon as possible. 

For more details from the government on the latest updates on COVID-19 and traveling click below. Please stay safe and healthy.

Timor Awakening Program Overview

The Timor Awakening (TA) program is an immersive, evidence based, peer to peer wellbeing program for veterans and their families (ie spouse/defacto or adult child); composing holistic health education, group therapy, mentoring, physical activity, commemoration and community development. The program's aim is to reduce the instance of veteran suicide, domestic violence and detrimental affects of service life on veteran families. TA is a program for veterans willing to be accountable and take responsibility to do the work to move in a positive direction in life. The activities and structure in the program is designed to help each veteran make a positive plan towards purpose, identity, to realise their potential and regain a sense of pride and dignity in their lives.


Click below for more details on our Timor Awakening Experience. if you feel this program is for you then please click the Expression of Interests (EOI) form for our next Timor Awakening.





Brothers and Sisters in Timor-Leste and across the seas, may peace and happiness be upon you all today. Our community of Australian veterans extends our arms with love to embrace you. We may be far, but we are together

Gary Anzac Service.png

VCA Padre Gary Stone shares a reflection on the ANZAC Spirit. May we support others and be loving neighbours.


Australian and Timor-Leste Veterans share a special bond. Our forefathers defied the odds in WW2 evading capture and mounting a successful campaign against far numerically superior invading forces. The bond was forged with blood, sweat, tears, respect and friendship. In WW2 many Timorese gave everything they had, their meagre food supplies during famine, 60,000 lost their lives, for the survival & mission of stranded Australian soldiers. Since 1999, Australian soldiers have been provided similar hospitality, security and friendship, on operations and as returning veterans. Out of the ashes of 1999 and the darkness of decades of unjust foreign policy, Australian and Timorese Veterans stand united, with hope and conviction, for a future that is bright, just, and peaceful for the next generation of both peoples. Australian and Timor-Leste Veterans are working on a very special project: building an English language, vocational education and training school on the south coast of Timor-Leste. The project is a special place for Australian communities to support, engage and provide valuable education and training that will assist rural poor to rise out of poverty. You can help make this dream come true.

“There should be more programs where veterans share in their health and wellbeing environment together. instead of with civilians who don't necessarily understand veterans’ perspectives.”

“This program is totally different from a doctor's appointment, specialists, open arms appointments or courses. This program is real, it is run by veterans that understand the veterans and veteran community which is better than a 20-year-old from open arms trying to have a respected impact. This program is worthy and an absolute necessity.”

“This opportunity has allowed my wife and I to go through similar experiences in a country that I served in. This has helped me to relate more and connected deeper. This holistic approach has not only helped me heal, but to have witnessed other veterans heal and have renewed outlook on life.”


Timor Awakening Participants