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Australian and Timor-Leste Veterans share a special bond. Our joint forefathers defied gravity in WW2 evading capture and mounting a successful campaign against far numerically superior invading forces. The bond was forged with blood, sweat, tears, respect and friendship. In WW2 many Timorese gave everything they had, 60,000 lost their lives, for the survival & mission of stranded Australian soldiers. Since 1999, Australian soldiers have been provided similar hospitality, security and friendship, on operations and as returning veterans. Out of the ashes of 1999 and the darkness of decades of unjust foreign policy, Australian and Timorese Veterans stand united, with hope and conviction, for a future that is bright, just, and peaceful for the next generation of both peoples.


"Extremely beneficial. A truly cleansing, emotional journey towards achieving my identified objectives in my personal health and wellbeing plan."

"I’m now proud of what I’ve done – I can finally come home."

TA1, July 2016

"Timor Awakening is such a proper name for this experience. It has awoken my senses again, brought me joy, laughter and a sense of pride"

"I’m now proud of what I’ve done – I can finally come home."

TA2, Sep 2016

"I have got off the couch and am cleaning up my property and restoring my dignity"

"I have rediscovered my identity as a veteran and have become active in my RSL Sub-branch"

TA3, Feb 2017

"It has assisted me with looking at what is needed to improve my life and wellbeing, and to eliminate the negativity in my life."

"Staff & participants were all attentive to the needs of others & the group as a whole. The power & emotion of revisiting Timor was something I hadn't expected to affect me, a very worthwhile exercise."

TA4, May 2017

"Timor Awakening experience is a great way to sort out your problems by showing you how to move forward. I have a clearer sense of what I need to do to improve my state of mind/situation."

"The experience has shaken my perspective on first world issues. I need to change the way I view my problems and turn them into projects."

TA5, September 2017

"My Anxiety has diminished and I am feeling a sense of inner peace. I am looking at things with a better internal lens."

TA6, October 2017

"I would recommend this experience to others as it gives an opportunity to find the path to heal yourself."

"I am more humbled by the Timorese people they have made me relaxed and a better person because of their attitude to life."

"This has been an amazing experience and I enjoyed revisiting the many places where I had served during my deployment, and seeing how the Timorese just get on with it and their ability to forgive is inspiring."


TA7, October 2018

"It has been a valuable experience and that it really can help veterans see the positive again after the destruction, pain, and sorrow that conflict can bring. it really is hard to imagine any other war-torn country being able to turn things around so dramatically and with such positivity."

TA8, February 2019

"It was a great opportunity to revisit the past and consolidate to move forward and leave some of the past behind."


"It has reminded me to stay present as this is an objective for my growth."

TA9, June 2019

"Certainly one of the top highlights of my life to date, the program has lifted my spirit."

"Timor Awakening has changed my life and has given me a clear view ahead for the future."

TA10, September 2019