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Australian Veterans Scholarship: how we can make a difference

March 26, 2018

 Over 100 Australian Veterans have participated in the Timor Awakening Program since the program began in July 2016. The experience in Timor- Leste has been a source of inspiration, healing and hope. The Australian Veteran Scholarship (AVS) was created due the request of many Australian Veterans from Timor Awakening who have asked how they can help, give back, contribute to the people of Timor. The AVS provides vocational education and training for Timorese youth to acquire workforce ready skills.


Australian Veterans Scholarship Values

  • Honors the service and sacrifice of Timorese Veterans and their families

  • Empowers children of Veterans to have a role in the future of their country

  • Provides skills that can contribute to economic development and poverty reduction throughout the country in a critical growth market (Tourism)

  • Demonstrates the solidarity and love between Australian and Timor-Leste Veterans

  • Providing an opportunity for Timorese youth, who could not afford this level of training, to acquire the skills for employment in Timor-Leste and seasonal work in Australia.

The hospitality and tourism industry is growing rapidly in Timor-Leste. With the ratification of a permanent maritime boundary with Australia a new wave of economic growth and investment is likely. Without skilled labour with experience, much of the work will continue to go to foreign workers. Many high-end hotels, resorts and restaurants have been planned and are under construction. With an increased interest in historical tourism we hope that rural tourism can grow too. Early 2018 José Ramos-Horta personally offered to fund 15 positions for Timorese youth on the General Hospitality Course at ETDA. Over 1200 Timorese youth responded and underwent the selection process to have the chance at this scholarship. The demand for these skills and demand amongst Timorese youth is far beyond what is available.


▪ Provide opportunities to support children of the least fortunate veteran families,
▪ inspire and reward hard work & initiative
▪ encourage youth to reach skill literacy and numeracy levels required to be accepted
▪ family of veterans in the Tourism Industry can be personally invested in preserving the history and nurturing the values that were hard fought & won through their parent’s service. ▪ Veteran communities are combining pensions to develop guest houses, historical tracks & tours. These businesses will require qualified skills and labour to be enduring.


Generosity, volunteering, supporting others has a proven positive effect on your body, mind and spirit. There are few things more healing, renewing and rewarding than making a difference in someone else’s life.


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