Riak Retreat

"Australian and Timor-Leste Veterans Project"

On 17 September 2018 the Patron of Boaventura University, Falintil Commander Riak Leman, bequeathed 5 Hectares of the land of the University to Australian Veterans to be utilized by Australian and Timor-Leste Veterans as a retreat and training facility. 

Riak Retreat is a project engaging Australian veterans in the development of a multi-purpose facility located in the beautiful mountain area of 'Same' in Central Timor-Leste. Australian veterans will utilize their skills to develop Riak Retreat that will provide educational facilities for rural Timorese and help revitalize the health and well-being of those involved. The first projects underway are the renovation of rural teacher accommodation and building of a modest English Language school. 

Funds are needed to provide materials for the veterans to build communal facilities and accommodation. By supporting this cause you help us repay the Debt of Honour we owe to the Timorese in supporting us in WW2 as well as contribute to the health and well-being of veterans from both our countries. Donate via direct bank details as per the donation form to maximize money getting to the work.


We have raised $30,000 for the English school, thanks to major donors Omni Executive and the Hampel family. Our target is $70,000 (approx US$50K) by the end of August to complete the school. 


Donation bank transfer details:     

Account Name:  VCA AUSSIE VETERANS RETREAT      BSB: 034 061      Account Number: 433059    


Please contact Mick with questions - michael@veteranscare.com.au

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