Timor Awakening Programme

Timor Awakening (TA) is a programme of renewal and rehabilitation for Australian and Timorese Veterans founded in 2016. Key elements of the program include: holistic health education, personal & group engagement, pastoral care, mentoring, historical commemoration and more, centred around an 11-day immersion experience in Timor-Leste.  To date over 130 Australian Veterans and hundreds of Timorese Veterans have taken part in Timor Awakening. 


In a country born out of trauma, hope and resilience, the peaceful, spiritual and breathtaking Timor-Leste provides a backdrop for healing and renewal. The multitude of activities creates a bonded group that will remain connected through each other’s journey of healing and growth. The overarching theme of hope, forgiveness and purpose is a feature through dozens of activities. Despite a troubled and traumatic past, the Timor Awakening experience is testament to veterans that there is hope, and with purpose and support, a positive and healthy future is possible.  


Timor Awakening 4 Program Report : 30 April to May 2017


Timor Awakening 5 Program Report : 14-25th October 2017


Timor Awakening 6 Program Report : 07 - 18 October 2017


Timor Awakening 7 Program Report : 08-19 September 2018


Timor Awakening 8 Program Report : 24 February - 06 March 2019

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Timor Awakening 9 Program Report : 23 June - 03 July 2019


Timor Awakening 10 Program Report : 13-25th September 2019


Timor Awakening 12 Program Report : 22nd February - 04 March 2020


Timor Awakening 13 Program Report : 16th-21st July 2020


Timor Awakening 13 Program Report : 7th-14th September 2020

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